Debbie is annoyed with Cain for refusing to see Zak and tells Cameron that she will visit him instead. Cameron is thrown by this and tells Cain, who warns Debbie about the state Zak had been in while on the moors. When Cain realises that Debbie isn't going to back down, he reluctantly agrees to be the one who visits. Later, at the psychiatric unit, Trevor tells Zak that he has a visitor and Zak is shocked to hear it's Cain. As they come face-to-face again, Zak is weary as he asks what Cain wants. Cain tries to explain what this is doing to his family, but Zak doesn't respond and Cain becomes frustrated, losing his temper and shouting at his dad. Zak is tearful as he leaves the room and Cain watches in disbelief. Meanwhile, Val confesses to Amy that she is putting off withdrawing the charges as she is worried she will be in trouble for wasting police time. Amy offers to accompany her to the police station and Val agrees, pleased that they are making progress. Later, however, Val breaks the news to Alicia that it's too late to drop the charges as Alicia has already pleaded guilty. Val feels guilty, but struggles to hold her temper when Alicia shouts at her for not trying hard enough. Soon afterwards, Alicia agrees with David when he says that she'll have to speak to Justin about this. Elsewhere, Jai is excited about Noah's name change and the possibility of another baby, while Laurel tells Ashley that the cheque for Sandy's care has bounced.


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