Zak tells Lisa it's good to see her as she collects him from the hospital. They drive home, but Zak notices she is taking all the back roads. Lisa admits that she thought Zak would prefer not to face people quite yet. Zak realises it's Lisa who isn't ready to face people, but agrees she is right. Back at home, Lisa encourages Zak to think about the future as Belle arrives home early, excited to see her dad. Zak jokes around with Belle and Lisa admits that Belle always had faith he would get better. Later, Charity arrives and a cheerful Zak asks about Jai. Lisa is touched by the effort Zak is making. However, when Lisa attempts to get close to Zak, he makes an excuse and heads outside troubled. Coming to a decision, Zak throws his medication into the bin. Meanwhile, David pesters Alicia to break the news to Jacob. Alicia promises she will that night, but Amelia beats her to it, blurting out to Jacob that Alicia is going to prison. At The Woolpack, Ali tells Alicia that Jacob now knows the truth, but pins the blame on Val, explaining that she's the one who has been telling everyone. Later, David advises Alicia to see another solicitor to win custody of Jacob. Soon afterwards, Alicia confronts Val about spreading prison rumours, but Val warns that she will call the police if Alicia hits her again. Val then walks through to the bar, announcing that Alicia is a menace. Towards the end of the day, Alicia is heartbroken when she tells David that the solicitor thinks the court will rule in Justin's favour. Alicia realises she has to talk to Jacob, worrying he is going to hate her. Elsewhere, Jai realises that Charity never wanted another child and is annoyed that she got his hopes up, while Chas isn't happy when Cameron agrees to go to Paris with Sarah and Debbie, but Cameron reminds her she pushed for this to happen.


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