Lisa is frantic as she continues to look for Zak. Lisa and Lizzie then arrive at the Dingle cottage to find the front door open and the discarded money pot. Realising it's empty, Lisa automatically thinks Zak has made off with the cash. At the same time, Zak is in a bad way as he walks away from the village and flags down a cab. Later, Lisa is frantic when the others arrive and cannot contain her concern, blaming herself for letting Zak come home so soon. Soon afterwards, Zak's taxi pulls up outside the hospital but he cannot pay the fare. He tries to get out, but the driver locks the doors. Zak makes to grab him, but is blocked by the screen separating them. Zak panics and begins to kick the door, shouting to the driver that there is no money. The driver then phones the police. Meanwhile, Gennie panics as she tells Chas that she is bleeding. At the hospital, Gennie shares her symptoms, but the doctor says she has nothing to worry about and confirms her pregnancy. Gennie is completely shocked as the doctor declares she is 18 weeks pregnant and gives her a picture of the scan to take away. Elsewhere, Cameron and Chas plan to go away together while Debbie is in Paris, Brenda and Pollard return from their holiday and Val isn't pleased with their new work schedule, while Ashley tells Rodney he has booked an appointment at the job centre the following day.


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