David urges Jacob to tell Alicia that he doesn't like Talia, but the youngster refuses. David shares this information with Alicia himself, advising her to calmly explain this to Justin and make him realise that Jacob wants to stay in Emmerdale. Alicia and Justin talk, but he immediately assumes that she has been bad mouthing Talia and they argue. Jacob catches them and gets upset over the rowing, so Alicia becomes worn out with arguing and tells Justin to take Jacob. David cannot understand why Alicia has given up and she breaks down in his arms, explaining that she would have a better chance of keeping Jacob if she were married. David suddenly has an idea and Alicia is gobsmacked when he proposes with an onion ring from a packet of crisps. He convinces her that it would work and she agrees, but is secretly heartbroken it isn't for real. Meanwhile, Hannah is shocked as Holly suggests that she should move to London with her. The girls get excited at the prospect of living in the capital together, but Moira vetoes the idea, desperate to keep at least one of her daughters in the village. Hannah tries to argue her case, snapping that she cannot stay in the village as it reminds her too much of her dad. Later, Moira tells Adam about Hannah, but he is exhausted and says to let her go before storming out. Elsewhere, Debbie is furious with Cain when Cameron reveals that the bad boy suspects him of having an affair, while Megan ignores Declan as he explains how impressed he is with Robbie and that they may have work for him.


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  • No episode was broadcast on Tuesday 19th June due to Euro 2012 football coverage.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,280,000 viewers (16th place).
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