David discusses the fake marriage idea with Alicia, but she wishes he knew how she felt about him. Eric is exasperated when he hears of their plans, warning David that he will be left with nothing if he marries Alicia. However, David is adamant that she wouldn't do that and they are doing this for Jacob. In The Woolpack, Alicia tells Chas about David proposing, but Chas strongly advises Alicia that it's a bad idea because of how she actually feels about him. Alicia replies that her heart is already broken so it wouldn't make any difference, but she later tells David she is having doubts. David reassures Alicia that they are doing this for Jacob and he trusts she will not leave him with debts like her sister did. Alicia asks what they will tell Jacob, and he suggests in six months they could tell him they've realised they are better just being best friends. Alicia agrees and is touched that David would do this for her, but is gutted he still doesn't know how she really feels. Meanwhile, Holly fights Hannah's corner to Moira, as Hannah arrives with bags packed telling her mum she cannot stop her from leaving. Moira realises that she has no choice but to let Hannah go. The girls are thrilled and head to the pub to celebrate and say their goodbyes. Adam stays behind, but Alex advises him not to let them leave on bad terms. Their taxi arrives and Adam turns up as the girls head off to start their lives in London. Elsewhere, Priya tells Robbie about Adam sleeping with Declan's ex-wife Ella, while Chas worries about Cain's determination to find out the truth.


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