Cameron snaps at Debbie when she tells him that there is something wrong with Gennie, advising her to stay out of it. Later, Cameron thanks Gennie for not telling Debbie about the affair, promising it is now over. However, Gennie is angered by his words, declaring that she has done it for Debbie and Chas, not for him. Chas is emotional as she also thanks Gennie for not saying anything, and promises she has finished things with Cameron. Soon afterwards, however, Chas is torn when Cameron suggests they should stop everything and run away together. Later, Cameron is stunned when Chas agrees to go with him and the two are left to comprehend the enormity of what they have just decided. Meanwhile, Eric is shocked when Alicia shows him the pre-nuptial agreement and asks him to lay off David. In The Woolpack, Chas is distracted as Alicia tells her about David wanting the wedding reception at the pub. Chas questions Alicia on whether she wants to make a big production out of the wedding, and Alicia agrees, saying that when two people love each other that is what they do. However, her words hit home, as she realises there is only one person in love and that she should have said something before it was too late. Elsewhere, Nikhil breaks up with Gennie after misreading her signals, suspecting he is about to get dumped. Charity can't believe what he has done and blurts out that Gennie is pregnant. Also, Dan is sympathetic towards Ali, knowing she is worried that Laurel and Ruby are becoming close.


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