Charity is shocked that Nikhil hasn't been to see Gennie after she informed him of the pregnancy. She pushes him to sort things out with her. At the same time, Gennie tells Chas that Nikhil has decided they should take a break, and she worries about how she will cope with being a single parent. Chas assures Gennie that Nikhil will come round, but feels guilty when Gennie suggests that she will have Chas by her side. Later in the factory, Gennie is gobsmacked as Nikhil proposes with an engagement ring. She is initially thrilled, declaring that she would love to marry him. However, Nikhil admits that he knows she is pregnant and couldn't be happier. Gennie is stunned that the pregnancy has speeded up the proposal and tells him that under the circumstances she cannot marry him. She gives him the ring back, telling him to keep it until he finds someone he loves. Meanwhile, Cameron can see that Chas is nervous about their plans, but tells her to pack so they can leave. However, Chas feels guilty for leaving Gennie when she needs her most. Cameron lies to Debbie that his children are complaining about not seeing him and suggests he should go to Jersey for a few days. Sarah is upset that he won't be reading her bedtime stories, but Cameron promises her that it won't be for long. Elsewhere, Priya is disapproving when Rishi flirts with Val, Charity secretly answers Jai's phone and tells Georgia how Rishi is miserable without her, while Jai is still bitter about Charity not wanting more kids.


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