Rishi has spent the night on the sofa in the back room of The Woolpack and offers support to Val over Amy, who is celebrating her 18th birthday today. Later, Eric and Amy are ready for their afternoon out, but Val throws a spanner in the works by arriving with plans of her own. Amy is torn, but leaves Val gutted by sticking to her original outing with Eric. As the day continues, Amy and Eric are shocked as Val arrives on a moped and hands the keys over to Amy. Brenda immediately accuses her of trying to buy Amy and make Eric jealous. Val revs the engine while telling Amy that she will love the freedom the bike will offer, but she loses control of the moped and it ploughs into Eric. They all rush to help, and shortly afterwards paramedics arrive with a stretcher. Val attempts to apologise to everyone, but Amy tells her to save it for her 'new boyfriend' Rishi. Meanwhile, Nikhil is determined to win Gennie back and bangs on her door. When she finally lets him in, he assures her that he can change. Gennie realises how hard this must be for him and agrees to marry him. Nikhil is thrilled and gives her the engagement ring. Elsewhere, the Sharma kids are annoyed that Rishi stayed out all night, while Jai is furious that Charity told Nikhil about Gennie.


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