Jai is still behaving coldly towards Charity following the recent problems between them. Soon afterwards, Georgia arrives unannounced and Charity quickly tells her that Gennie is pregnant, hoping that Georgia won't say why she has turned up. Georgia is fuming that Nikhil hasn't told her about the baby, and is even more appalled when Val arrives at the party as Rishi's date. Jai is soon livid to discover that Charity has meddled in his parents' relationship. Georgia has a go at Val and Nikhil steps in, telling them to both back off as it's their special day. As Val leaves, Georgia and Rishi continue to argue and Jai is later shocked to hear that his parents' marriage is over. Outside, Jai offloads to Priya about Charity and the trouble she has caused, while Nikhil is furious when he discovers that nothing is actually going on between Rishi and Val. In the factory, Jai is caught when Charity guesses his anger is all about him wanting a baby. Charity is firm - she will never want any more children. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Zak tells Trevor about hiding the money on the moors. He is unsure whether to phone Lisa about the loan sharks, worrying in case he has imagined it. Later, Lisa is alarmed when the loan sharks turn up. Not believing Zak is in hospital, they tell Lisa about him borrowing £1,000 from them. Lisa is shocked and realises it was them that stole the money as they take more cash from the Dingle pot. They tell her the interest has built up and Zak now owes them over £8,000. At the hospital, Lisa's fears come true as she asks Zak if he remembers borrowing money from loan sharks. He breaks down and tells her he may have buried it on the moorland. Trying to be strong, she tells him not to worry and that she will sort things out. Elsewhere, Eric returns home on crutches, Rhona tells Marlon that she has arranged a surprise party for Paddy's birthday, Nikhil is thrilled when Gennie agrees to move in with him, while Rachel shows Jai support after hearing his row with Charity.


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