Jai and Charity remain on bad terms following yesterday's row. In the factory, everyone gathers to look at Gennie's scan picture and Rishi insists they should go for a team drink. In The Woolpack, Charity arrives and attempts to speak to Jai, but he leaves her brooding. Georgia then arrives unannounced and Jai follows his parents outside. When Georgia announces that she wants to officially separate from Rishi, Jai takes his frustration out on Charity - causing her to storm out. Later, Rachel starts her cleaning shift at the factory and sees a drunk Jai there. She is uncomfortable, but agrees to have a drink with him. He jokes with her and Rachel begins to feel better about herself. They make to leave, but Jai pulls her towards him and they kiss passionately before starting to undress each other. Meanwhile, Lisa is troubled and decides to tell Lizzie about the loan sharks. Lizzie is shocked to hear that Zak owes over £8,000. She tells Lisa that she either needs to go to the police or ask family for help. Lisa realises she has no other option than to ask Charity if she can borrow some money. Charity hands Lisa £50 and although it's nowhere near enough, Lisa is ashamed and takes it. Later, Lisa is shaken when the loan sharks come back. She hands them the £50 as it's all she has, but they warn her they will be back soon. Elsewhere, Paddy is disgruntled when Robbie assumes he is Leo's granddad, while Laurel tells Sandy that she has been to see a solicitor and her and Ashley are getting a divorce.


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