After rounding people up to look for Ashley, Marlon puts his feelings for Laurel aside and reassures her they will find him. In Hotten, Ashley sees the homeless pair who stole his phone. He begs desperately for them to give it back, but they refuse and mock him. Suddenly, Marlon appears and steps in to defend Ashley. The homeless pair leave and Ashley breaks down, grateful to Marlon but devastated at what has become of him. Realising how low Ashley is, Marlon makes a surprising offer when he says that he can return to the village to stay with him. Back in Emmerdale, Ashley is grateful, but Marlon makes it clear that he has only given him this chance as a long time ago Ashley did him a favour over Tricia's funeral. Ashley understands, but cannot manage to pluck up the courage to phone Laurel. Meanwhile, Alicia is still secretly harbouring her love for David, wishing she could just come clean about her feelings. Later, she takes the first step by admitting to David that she had known on her wedding day that Justin wasn't going to pursue a custody case over Jacob. David looks shocked and Alicia continues by explaining the real reason she went ahead with the wedding was because she loves him. David is totally and utterly shocked by Alicia's declaration and freaks out, bolting for the door. Elsewhere, Cameron is certain that he made the right decision to stay with Debbie, while Lisa thanks Charity for her help with the loan sharks and Charity insists that she doesn't want paying back.


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  • This extra Sunday episode was broadcast at the usual time of 7.00pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,310,000 viewers (25th place).
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