Zak is alarmed after reading a hand delivered letter. When Lisa and Sam leave for work, he grabs a shovel and heads out with his van keys. He arrives at the moorland and begins to dig, telling walkers that he is looking for something he buried. Later, he arrives home dishevelled and empty handed, having been unable to find the cash he had buried there. Soon afterwards, Zak swallows his pride and Cain is stunned when his dad asks for his help with the loan sharks. When Cain refuses, Zak feels guilty - realising the pain his son still feels over last year's attack. Zak waits until his family are asleep before making a phone call, telling the person on the other end that he has the money. Meanwhile, Ali is angry with Ruby for staying the night at Laurel's. She tells Ruby that she is not welcome at their house until she apologises. Later, Ali is drunk as she talks to Rachel about her argument with Ruby. She begins to cry and Rachel realises that Ali needs to see Dan, as he is the only one who can help her when she is in this state. As the day continues, Dan takes Ali back to Bob's with him. Seeing the state his ex-wife is in, Dan tries to make her see sense. He tells Ali that she needs to make up with Ruby. Ali drunkenly thanks Dan for his advice. Elsewhere, Laurel advises Ruby to work things out with Ali, Robbie tells Katie that she might like him if she spent less time being angry with him for no reason, while Paddy tells Rhona that the vets practice in New Zealand want him to apply for the job.


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