Paddy is all set on leaving for New Zealand regardless of Marlon's complaints. However, Pearl is upset to hear of Paddy and Rhona's plans and makes things awkward by asking Marlon why he hasn't stopped them. Marlon begs Paddy not to take his son away from him, but Paddy explains that he is bored with life in the village. Marlon is sympathetic, but explains that he will have nothing left if they leave. Paddy soon suggests that Marlon could move to New Zealand too. Marlon is shocked, but Paddy promises him it will be amazing. Marlon makes up his mind to join them, as there is nothing for him in the village anymore. However, Marlon's enthusiasm over the decision quickly fades once Paddy and Rhona have gone. Meanwhile, Amy is suspicious as Val sets Rishi to work in the B&B kitchen. Later, Eric arrives and tells Rishi that his plans to change the menu are scrapped, as he is back. Val is thrilled that her tricks to get Eric back to work have paid off, but Brenda is worried about Eric's recovery. Amy eventually explains to Eric that Val had no intention of changing the menu, which leaves Eric furious. Elsewhere, Laurel is hit hard by Marlon's decision to leave the village, while Victoria is furious with Alex for leaving the bath running and flooding the house.


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