Val is suspicious over Amy's swollen lip. Guessing there is more to it, Val reminds Amy that she is there for her. Soon afterwards, Val tricks Victoria into revealing everything about the confrontation at the pub. Later, Val confronts Amy, explaining that she and Eric will support her whatever happens. Amy holds strong by vowing that she doesn't want her mum back in her life. As the day continues, Kerry arrives in the village and Moira unwittingly tells her where Amy lives and works. After Kerry has had a drink for courage, she heads to find Amy. However, she is met on the doorstep by a fierce Val, who gives Kerry a piece of her mind. Meanwhile, Victoria is grumpy as she has to find the money to fix up the house after the flood. She is not happy to discover that Alex is living it up at the farm, eating a cooked breakfast prepared by Moira, who seems glad to have Alex around. Elsewhere, Chas feels awkward around Debbie and Cameron when they come to the pub for lunch, while Sandy advises Laurel that it may not be too late to tell Marlon how she feels.


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