Val barges over to see Eric, who is aghast as Val relays the news about Kerry. Both worry about whether they should tell Amy that her mum tried to visit. At the same time, Amy tells Victoria that Kerry has messaged her, although she has not read it yet. Taking the phone, Victoria then reads aloud Kerry's message, in which she apologises for 'smacking Amy' and relays how she came to find her at the B&B but was seen off by a 'Rottweiler woman called Val'. Amy is left reeling by the realisation that Kerry has tracked her down to the village. Meanwhile, Rhona and Paddy are shocked when vicar Jude springs a surprise - due to his busy schedule, their wedding rehearsal has to be today. When Marlon and Laurel arrive early at the church, it's clear that Laurel has something to tell Marlon but can't quite find the words. Eventually after the rehearsal, Laurel plucks up the courage and broaches the subject of him leaving for New Zealand. Marlon listens as Laurel declares her love for him. Elsewhere, Debbie thinks Cameron is still acting suspiciously and heads to the pub to voice her concerns to Chas.


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