Rachel struggles to keep it together as she tries to convince herself that a termination is the right decision. At the same time, Nikhil and Gennie's baby talk proves too much for Jai, who snaps at them. Soon afterwards, Jai secretly gives Rachel the money for the termination, while Nikhil eventually apologises to his brother for going on about his baby. Jai insists to Charity that he's fine about the baby and Nikhil was just getting to him. He welcomes the distraction when she suggests they have a family day tomorrow, but he can't help thinking about his unborn child as he watches Gennie and Nikhil getting clucky over becoming parents. Rachel is also having second thoughts of her own. Meanwhile, Declan is furious to learn the truth about Katie and Robbie's altercation over the gun cupboard key, and Megan finds she is unable to defend Robbie's behaviour. Later, Carl rages at Robbie for missing a crucial delivery, having spent the day in Harrogate with Priya. When Robbie offers to move out of Home Farm, neither Declan nor Megan dissuade him. Elsewhere, Carl take Charity's bait when she announces deliberately that they might want new tenders for the driving contract, while Ali discovers that Amelia has stolen a children's bible from kids' club.


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