Clare prepares to take over from Maurice. Liz collapses after an agonising back injury.


Dr. Scott gives Sam some tablets and a cough mixture, she also arranges an x-ray for him. David prepares to travel to Wales. Penny warns him not to talk to anyone about his paintings. Amos creeps around Phelps. When Penny arrives he invites her to drink with him; he offers her a job as receptionist in the hotel opening soon in The Woolpack. Sam returns to Emmerdale Farm and lays it on about his chest with Annie and informs her of the new doctor. He insists on sleeping on the sofa again. Dr. Grant shows Dr. Scott his spy-proof code on patient files, implemented as a way of finding out details of certain patients without actually writing anything. He mentions a Dr. Scott he used to know, who got a knighthood in last year's honours list and asks if she knows him. She replies it's her father. Reverend Ruskin discusses the confirmation with Sam. Amos calls in at the millhouse to ask Penny if she's made a decision on the Receptionist job. She says she wants to voice it to the others and make a decision democratically. Annie worries as Joe goes to look at motorbikes, she proudly shows Liz pictures of Peggy and Matt's twins. She tactlessly mentions that Liz has no children. Dr. Grant clears his surgery. Penny has designed posters for the church bazaar; she suggests that she has a stall of her handicrafts. She asks Ruskin's advice about taking the Receptionist job in Beckindale, but she worries about turning into a drifter like her father. Liz arrives home in agony with her back.


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