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It's the day of Rachel's termination and she is on edge. Ali points out that she doesn't have to go through with it, but Rachel is determined it's what she has to do. At the same time, Charity is preparing for the family barbecue at Holdgate Farm, but a distracted Jai returns empty-handed without the meat he was supposed to buy. Charity is suspicious about what is wrong with Jai as he is acting so tense. She is then outraged to catch Jai venting his anger towards Noah when he tries to help squirt the barbecue with lighter fluid. Later, Rachel is sad as she heads to leave for her termination. Jai arrives and she reluctantly agrees to talk to him. Rachel is then left shocked when Jai tells her that he doesn't want her to get rid of the baby. Meanwhile, Robbie is left to stew over Katie's words when she says that he has only himself to blame for how things have turned out. Robbie soon confronts Megan, believing that she only let him stay because she felt guilty, but he hesitates when she asks if he truly wants it to be over for them. As Robbie collects the last of his things, Megan hands Robbie an envelope of cash to see him through. As he makes to leave, Robbie is taken aback when Megan admits that she wants him to stay. Elsewhere, Carl is furious to be left in the lurch at work by Jimmy, Jimmy is shocked but delighted when Nicola suggests they should fight for full custody of Elliot, while Ali is stunned when Jude tells her that Amelia wants to get christened.


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  • Noah Tate begins to be credited as 'Noah Sharma' from this episode onward.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,600,000 viewers (19th place).
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