Rachel reminds Jai that once they keep the baby, there would be no going back. Rachel is torn as Jai leaves her to face the biggest decision of her life. Later, Ali finds Rachel in tears, admitting that she hasn't gone through with the termination. At the same time, Charity is on the warpath over Jai's attitude after he vanished from their planned barbecue day. Jai tries to explain, but realises he has a lot of making up to do with both her and Noah. As the day continues, Rachel arrives at The Woolpack and heads to the bar to talk to Jai, telling him that she has made her decision. Wondering what she has let herself in for, Rachel tells Jai that she will keep the baby. Meanwhile, Robbie wavers as Megan continues saying that she wants him to stay. She is put on the spot when Declan arrives back and wonders why Robbie is still there. Megan explains her feelings and Declan softens towards her when he sees her vulnerability, agreeing to Robbie staying on. Katie is dismayed, finding it hard to hide her irritation when she realises that Robbie is now staying. However, Robbie seems determined to make a go of it, eager to prove to Declan that he won't screw up again. Elsewhere, Jimmy gently pushes Elliot to tell him if he would be happy staying on with him and Nicola, while Amelia is delighted when Ali tells her that she can be christened if she wants.


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