Paddy spends the night at the Dingles. He is down about Marlon not being his best man, but agrees when Chas offers to take it on. Marlon receives news from his solicitor that he can stop Paddy and Rhona from taking Leo to New Zealand. He contemplates his next move and Laurel urges him to go to the wedding. In the church, Paddy is conflicted realising Marlon is definitely not coming to his wedding and allows Chas to lead him to the front of the church. Rhona arrives and Laurel wishes her good luck as they head inside. The ceremony begins and Paddy glances towards the door, hopeful that Marlon will arrive. Finally Marlon makes his decision and heads to the church. Paddy is delighted to see him, but Marlon wonders if he can bring himself to ruin their special day. Jimmy and Carl are dreading the prospect of working with Charity. Charity tells Jai of her new venture and assures him she will cut a deal involving Sharma haulage. Charity arrives at Pear Tree Cottage. Immediately she wonders about getting rid of Edna, but Carl insists she is indispensable until Charity brings Edna's wage to their attention. She warns the King brothers that her solicitor will be over to get the contract signed, leaving them stunned at how quickly she is making changes. Later, Megan makes her feelings about Charity clear, telling Carl he has made a big mistake. Carl is adamant he will come out on top. Meanwhile, Bob explains to Dan that Chas is out of his league, but Dan reminds him that she once went for Paddy. Elsewhere in the village, David is shocked when Rachel tells him she is pregnant.


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