Moira enjoys the attention from Alex as she announces they have got the restaurant contract. Later, Alex and Moira laugh as she teases him. Alex is embarrassed when Andy arrives and announces Alex has finished things with Victoria. Later, Alex compliments Moira as she is dressed to go out and the tension builds as she suggests they sort the order together. Moira is flustered when Alex takes control and says out loud what they have both been thinking the past few days. He gets close and she kisses him - adamant it is just a one-off. Rhona rants at Paddy about Marlon's revelation and Paddy worries when she tells him she's going to see a lawyer. Meanwhile, Laurel comforts Marlon and he assures her she is not the reason he is not going to New Zealand. Rhona is angry after seeing the solicitor, and furious they might not be able to go. Paddy suggests that they phone to see if they can delay the job. Chas worries for a troubled Marlon, as he tells her he is getting legal help with the Leo situation whilst in the café. Later that day, Laurel feels compromised as Rhona tells her about Marlon threatening to take her and Paddy to court. Knowing they have no choice, Paddy and Rhona speak to Marlon. They argue about Leo, insulting one another, and Marlon crosses a line making reference to the fact that Leo is not Paddy's son. Meanwhile, Dan's low after failing to chat up women on a night out with Bob and tries his luck with Chas instead, but she's unsure of her feelings towards him. Elsewhere in the village, Charity tells Carl and Jimmy that they are overstaffed and changes need to be made.


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  • A Woolpack customer is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 4,840,000 viewers (34th place).
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