Paddy is still furious over Marlon, refusing to let him mess up their lives. However, Rhona thinks they should get confirmation first that Marlon and Laurel really are together. Rhona urges Paddy to follow Marlon outside, and Paddy is suspicious when he sees an exchange between Marlon and Laurel. In the pub kitchen, Paddy is angry as he questions Marlon about Laurel, wondering why he couldn't tell him. Marlon avoids the questions, but eventually asks him to keep the relationship quiet. Later, Laurel and Marlon are left worried when Paddy visits and asks Marlon what is more important - them taking Leo away, or keeping their affair a secret? Meanwhile, Debbie wants Chas to go shopping with her, but Chas refuses, insisting she is too busy. Moments later, however, Dan cannot believe his luck when Chas accepts his offer of going for a ride in his camper van. After a great day out, Dan is thrilled when Chas invites him in for some drinks. Bob and Eric snidely comment that Chas is out of Dan's league, but Dan is chuffed to pieces when she invites him through to the back room of the pub. He is then taken aback when Chas makes a move on him, but he finally relaxes and they kiss passionately. Elsewhere, Moira and Alex agree to put a stop to their fling as hiding the truth from Adam is too complicated, Zak is awkward when Lisa suggests they should make use of having the place to themselves, while Kerry is chuffed as she plans a meal for the family - but Eric is irritated by her cheek as she wants to host it at his house.


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