Eric visits Brenda and apologises for making her feel left out. Later at the B&B, Kerry asks to borrow money from Amy, reminding her of a day at the fair they once had. Amy remembers Kerry took money from her piggy bank to pay for it. Soon afterwards, thinking the coast is clear as she does some cleaning, Kerry spots some petty cash and pockets a wad of notes - unaware that Val has seen everything. Val is livid as she works out what Kerry has taken, but doesn't have the heart to tell Amy. Instead, Val interrupts Eric, who is preparing lunch for Brenda. He is shocked when she tells him about Kerry stealing, but reassures her when she starts to worry that Kerry will take Amy away from them. Eric and Val then become close and move in for a kiss, unaware Brenda is watching from outside. Meanwhile, Marlon is furious with Paddy and says he is malicious for blackmailing him. Paddy replies that he is solely protecting his and Rhona's interests. In the café, Laurel finally tells Nicola that she and Marlon have been seeing one another. Nicola is shocked and advises her to tell Ashley and the kids. Later, Laurel has all intention of breaking the news to her family, but stops when Gabby tells her that she doesn't want things to change. Laurel is disheartened and reluctantly explains to Marlon that she was unable to break the news to the kids. Elsewhere, Ali teases Dan over his new romance but admits she is chuffed for him, Cameron tells Chas that Dan isn't good enough for her, while Lisa is hurt that Zak has been asking Megan for advice and not talking to her.


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