Eric pulls away from the kiss with Val. Mortified, he tells her to leave. Having witnessed the whole thing, Brenda is devastated and hurries away unseen. Soon afterwards, Kerry gives Amy a necklace and Eric is conflicted, realising that she took the money to treat Amy. When Eric questions Kerry about the missing cash, his heartstrings are tugged when Kerry becomes tearful. Later in The Woolpack's back room, Eric and Val are on edge with each other after their kiss. Val knows he is right when he suggests they should be extra vigilant around Kerry and hope she is telling the truth. Brenda is upset further to see Val and Eric leaving the back room together. Towards the end of the day, Eric finds Brenda with her overnight bag packed. She is tearful as she leaves, explaining that she knows he still loves Val. Meanwhile, Chas is surprised as Dan explains that everyone seems happy for them except Cameron. Chas covers, explaining that he should ignore Cameron as he is a wind-up merchant. For the time being, Dan is thrown off the scent. However, Chas worries as she realises just how much Dan seems to adore her. Elsewhere, Lisa is crushed when she overhears Zak telling Megan that he doesn't want to go home, while Marlon considers asking Ashley to move out.


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