As the village's fun run begins, Chas is suddenly very aware that Cameron, Carl and Dan are all competing for her attention. Dan struggles as he completes his first lap, while Nikhil and David begin their third. Carl, meanwhile, is livid when Sean trips him up - encouraging his dad to leg it. Cameron completes the race and is straight over to Chas, taunting her about Dan. Chas is stung when Cameron suggests that she is messing with Dan's head, but her attention quickly turns to Dan who has collapsed inches away from the finish line. Everyone is relieved when Dan comes round and Chas kisses him, well aware that Cameron and Carl are watching. Dan explains to Chas that all he wanted to do was impress her because he loves her. A shocked Chas makes her excuses and returns to work, leaving Dan wishing he hadn't said anything. Later, Cameron seizes his moment to bombard Chas with his feelings, explaining that he loves her and cannot live without her. Chas is stunned. Meanwhile, Declan is home from his trip to London, and Katie explains her suspicions about Robbie letting the horses loose. Robbie is seething when Declan takes Megan into the office and lays into her about Robbie having no experience. Later, Robbie attempts to talk his way out of trouble, but Declan remains unimpressed. In the end, Robbie declares that he knows he is not welcome at Home Farm. As Robbie leaves, Declan wonders if he's been a bit hasty. Elsewhere, Rachel is uneasy after seeing the flat in Leeds when Jai explains that she will be moving there in a week or two, while Val is furious when Kerry purposely asks Eric about the money Val stole from him.


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