Chas is furious after hearing Cameron's revelation and lays into him over what he's put her through. Cameron is adamant that he loves Chas and wants to be with her, but Chas is strong - demanding that he should return to Debbie. When Cameron insists that Chas shouldn't be with Dan, she loses patience and knees him in the crotch. Later, Chas follows Dan into the pub toilets. Dan fears that she's about to break up with him for coming on so strong, but instead she kisses him and proposes. Dan is stunned and thinks Chas is joking as they have only been together for a week. As it becomes clear that she is serious, Dan privately confides in Cameron about the situation. Cameron advises Dan that it is too soon for them to marry, but stops when Chas appears. Dan asks Chas if she loves him and is devastated when she cannot confirm that she does. Heartbroken, he explains that he cannot marry someone who doesn't love him. Meanwhile, Val threatens Kerry, warning that if she continues to mess with her marriage she will tell Amy about her stealing. Later, Amy is close to tears as Val's attempts to make things up with Pollard fail. Amy furiously turns on Kerry, asking if she is pleased with what she's done. It dawns on Kerry that Amy is sincere with her feelings for Val and Pollard. Kerry reminds Amy that she is her family, but Amy snaps that she owes her mum nothing. Elsewhere, Charity warns Priya to stop chatting up David as Alicia will not take it lightly, Nikhil is miffed that David beat him in the fun run, while Jai is wracked with guilt as he lies to Charity about where he's been.


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