Chas is confused about Dan turning her proposal down and offloads to Priya. At the same time, Dan despairs as Nikhil, Gennie and Bob discover that Chas proposed to him. He explains that he cannot marry someone just because they like him. Soon afterwards, Bob tells Chas that she needs to make up her mind as to whether she loves Dan or not. Later, a downbeat Dan tells Chas that he is going away for a while. However, Chas surprises herself and blurts out that she loves Dan before hurrying away. As the day continues, Dan proposes to Chas in front of the whole pub and she accepts. Everyone in the pub is shocked and Chas beams as happy tears stream down her face. Carl is surprised by his jealousy, while Chas watches as Cameron stares in disbelief. She is convinced that she has made the right decision. Meanwhile, Priya continues to flirt with David, insisting that he should take her running. Gennie and Nikhil watch them in disbelief. Later, David is caught when Nikhil sees what is going on, and Priya is awkward as Nikhil asks about Alicia. Later, David arrives home to find that Priya has let herself in. Suddenly the penny drops and David realises she is flirting with him. He is tempted and they get close but he stops, explaining that everything is too complicated. Priya takes it lightly and warns him that it's only a matter of time before something happens between them. Elsewhere, Gennie feels ignored by Charity but feels obliged when she asks her to look after Noah, while Laurel wishes she and Marlon didn't have to keep their relationship a secret as she dreads giving Ashley false hope.


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