Paddy and Rhona are miserable after the court case, and Rhona storms out when Paddy says that she shouldn't have made a scene in court. Soon afterwards, Marlon calls round to collect Leo, but they both refuse - saying that it's inconvenient. Marlon leaves and is even more hardened towards the couple. Paddy is ashamed at how bad things have become, so he and Rhona go to the pub to de-stress, but they receive a frosty reception from Diane. A furious Paddy then overhears Rodney and Diane talking about them. At breaking point, Paddy angrily divulges the news of Marlon and Laurel's relationship to those in the pub - including a stunned Ashley. Meanwhile, Gennie explains to Chas that she is moving back into Victoria Cottage and it will be interesting to see how long it takes for Nikhil to even notice. Later, Nikhil is baffled when he cannot find Gennie at home. Gennie answers the phone to him, smugly explaining that she is at her home. Nikhil is distraught when he explains to Jai how Gennie has moved out. Elsewhere, Alex realises how much he's missed Victoria when Adam tries to reunite the pair, while Nicola is furious with Charity for using Angel's face in the rebranding - but is relieved when Carl tells Charity to put a stop to it.


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  • The client who is snapped at by Paddy is uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,180,000 viewers (15th place).
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