A devastated Ashley heads out of The Woolpack after hearing the news about Marlon and Laurel. He finally realises what Laurel had been trying to tell him in the pub. Soon afterwards, Marlon goes to Tall Trees Cottage and finds Ashley packing. He is apologetic and horrified as a humiliated Ashley asks him to leave him alone as he wants to pack in peace. Later, Sandy is furious to hear Ashley has moved out of Marlon's and snaps at Marlon, just as Ashley arrives. Ashley asks to see his children but they are in bed, so he leaves but makes it clear he would like to tell them the news himself. Towards the end of the day, a devastated Ashley tells Rodney that he should have seen it coming. He realises things will never be the same again. Meanwhile, Diane shows Moira her internet dating profile, leading Moira to confess that she recently had a fling. Diane is relieved when Moira explains that it wasn't with Cain. Unaware that Moira is talking about Alex, Diane tells her that she shouldn't have ended things if it made her happy. At the same time, Alex has asked Victoria to meet him at the cricket pavilion. Victoria agrees not to play any more games, but Alex soon manages to blow his chances with her yet again. Alex arrives back at the farm to find a tipsy and flirty Moira. She puts her arms round him, but immediately lets go when Alex asks her what she is doing. Moira apologises and leaves, while Alex feels torn between two women. Elsewhere, Paddy realises that his friendship with Marlon is well and truly over, Charity is delighted to learn that she has started to drive a wedge between the King brothers, while Gennie is thrilled when Nikhil suggests that he should move into Victoria Cottage with her.


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