Amy is upset that Kerry didn't come after her and instead remained flirting with Andy in The Woolpack. Soon afterwards, Amy is seething when Kerry admits that she stole money from Eric. Kerry explains her reasons and says that she has been grafting at the B&B to pay it off. Just as mother and daughter are getting along again, Kerry's ex-boyfriend turns up. Kerry is mortified, having lied to Amy that he used to beat her up. Amy quickly realises that Kerry has lied to her yet again, as the ex-boyfriend reveals that Kerry spun him a web of lies about Amy too. Amy screeches at Kerry to pack her bags and leave. Later, Kerry is crying at the bus stop when Andy pulls up. She convinces him to take her in for the night, and Andy reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Marlon arrives at The Woolpack and Gabby publicly announces to the pub she hates him. Diane intervenes, warning Gabby not to speak to her mum or Marlon that way. Gabby is left to think about her actions and later cries in Laurel's arms, saying that she wants things to return to the way they were. When she threatens to run away, Laurel is at a loss about what to do. Later, Diane tells Ashley to be strong for the children because they really need him now. At the same time, Sandy and Laurel argue, and Sandy turns angrily on Marlon. Elsewhere, the magnitude of Paddy and Rhona's plan to leave begins to sink in, while Alex offers to move out of Moira's and she is surprised to find herself feeling jealous.


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