Declan is furious after watching the CCTV footage from the stables, and immediately starts stuffing Robbie's belongings into bags. Robbie attempts to defend himself and when Megan arrives, Katie suggests that she should take a look at the footage and decide for herself. Megan is surprised by her instinctive feelings towards Robbie when Declan says he has to leave. She defends her son threatening that if he leaves, she will too. Declan insists that Robbie's future is not up for negotiation, so Megan worries that Declan might call her bluff and let her leave. However, they both realise that this would bankrupt the both of them. Katie looks on in horror as Declan is forced to let Robbie stay in order to avoid financial ruin. All of her efforts have been in vain. Meanwhile, Alex tells Andy and Adam how he and Victoria are back together, but in front of Moira he suggests he is single. Adam is confused by this, telling him to make his mind up, while Andy warns that he better not mess Victoria around again. Later, Alex comes across Moira in the kitchen and is unable to resist when she kisses him. Alex then makes his way to The Woolpack, where Victoria is waiting. Victoria tells Diane that she and Alex are buying a house together, and Alex worries about how to tell Moira. Using the excuse of how he wants to be able to pay his way, Alex suggests to Victoria that they should rent a house for the time being. Elsewhere, Sam is concerned about upsetting Zak when Cain says that he might have dropped him in it, while Kerry is touched by how much Andy is looking out for her, even when he hears that she stole from Eric.


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