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Chas is suspicious as Dan and Diane encourage her to go out for the day. The Dingles get the house ready, and Chas is gobsmacked but pleased when she discovers that they have thrown a surprise party to celebrate her engagement. At the gathering, Gennie worries that Chas is marrying Dan on the rebound, but Chas is adamant that she has moved on. Zak also officially welcomes Dan into the family. However, when Charity tells Chas how pleased she is for her, Chas has to go outside as she struggles to keep her emotions together. Cameron follows and with Chas in tears, she begs him to let things lie as she cannot take it any more. Cameron and Chas share a final kiss before she pushes him away. Unseen, Carl has been watching from a distance - this is bigger than he had dared dream. Meanwhile, Alex feels guilty for letting Moira take the blame for their relationship, so he promises her that he will speak to Victoria. At the same time, Victoria is angry with Andy for not telling her, but softens when he says that she is better off without him. Moira is annoyed to hear that Adam has badmouthed her to Holly and Hannah, reminding him of his affair with Declan's ex-wife Ella. Adam is wounded and Moira feels even guiltier. When Moira goes to the pub, she expects hostility from Diane, but is relieved when she laughs about it, calling her Mrs Robinson. Victoria has another go at Moira at the pub, but Moira holds her own - telling her this ends now. Cain watches on - half amused, half intrigued. Elsewhere, Nikhil is stunned when a tense Gennie says that she wants to forget she is even pregnant, while Chas tells Paddy that she regrets what happened between them, wishing it had worked out.


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