Carl pretends to forward a photo of Chas and Cameron to Debbie, warning Chas that he would just like his £30,000 back after she took it from him. Later at The Woolpack, Dan wants to know what is upsetting Chas and offers to make her a fry-up. Chas pretends everything is okay, but later discreetly tells Cameron that Carl has got her phone. Cameron panics, but Chas is adamant that she will get it back herself. Soon afterwards, Carl finally hands the phone back to Chas, but says that he has taken copies of all the photos and texts, and will let her know his deadline for getting him his money back. Chas realises Carl means business. Meanwhile, Paddy and Rhona inform Pearl that they are leaving tomorrow and ask her not to tell anyone. She agrees at first, but feels guilty when she sees Marlon and can't resist telling him. Marlon wants to go to get Leo immediately, but Laurel says they need to ring the police. Marlon comes off the phone and says the police will come in the morning to assess the situation. Marlon is adamant that Paddy and Rhona are not taking his son anywhere. Elsewhere, Charity offers to buy Jimmy out of the business, Cain gives Moira a nod of gratitude when she offers Zak a job and he accepts, Laurel and Marlon are awkward as Ashley serves them in the pub and Laurel is gutted that Gabby doesn't want to see her, while Betty tells Victoria that she'll sell her the house for £60,000 - but Diane advises Victoria to think seriously about it before rushing into anything.


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