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A distraught Marlon arrives home, having spent the night in the police station. Devastated and clueless over what he is going to do next, Marlon explains to Laurel that he has no idea when he will next see Leo, furious that Rhona has taken him. At the same time, Paddy arrives home to see the locum Matt arriving. Paddy explains to Pearl that he is back in court on Friday, but wants her to book him a ticket to New Zealand for Friday night. Pearl is shocked that Paddy is still going ahead with the move abroad. Later, Marlon seems unusually positive as he arrives for work and later visits Paddy to tell him about some research he has been doing. Paddy is defeated as Marlon explains that he must call Rhona to tell her to return, otherwise he will inform the police who will force her to bring Leo home. Meanwhile, a desperate Cameron is on the phone to his father, trying to get money to pay Carl. Cameron is unimpressed when Chas explains that she's going away for a break with Dan. Carl wants to know where they're going, warning her that the problem won't go away. Later, Carl puts the pressure on Cameron - and has no sympathy when Cameron tries to tell him that Debbie doesn't deserve this with Sarah being so ill. Elsewhere, when Charity takes a phone complaint about Rodney's bad driving, Carl sacks him - which kicks off an almighty row between the King brothers. The tension is just what Charity wants! Also, everyone gathers for Rachel's leaving party at the café but Ali tries to persuade her not to leave, while Priya and David arrange a romantic walk.


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