Debbie finds the insulin pen in Sarah's bag and storms round to Andy's. At the same time, Kerry tells Val and Eric that she's staying on in the village, but is devastated by some home truths from Val. Kerry then feels her world is falling apart when Andy tells her to leave. Kerry asks Eric if she can stay for just one more night. When he refuses, Kerry despairs. Later, Zak finds Kerry drunk and staggering around, but leaves when she is rude towards him. Kerry collapses and is found by Sam, who calls the emergency services - while a guilty Val brings over blankets. Meanwhile, Nikhil continues to persuade Gennie that looking after a fake baby will help them prepare for the real thing, but Gennie is not so sure. Victoria agrees to babysit for the doll, but leaves it behind the bar as she heads out. Charity is amused to see it there, and sends Nikhil a picture of it propped up. Just as he and Gennie are enjoying quality time, he receives the image and storms out. Gennie is embarrassed by Nikhil's reaction. Elsewhere, Jai tells Rachel he has cancelled the tenancy on the city flat. Later, he asks Declan for Faye's number, as he's thinking of buying her cottage. Rachel is chuffed to hear that he has made an offer. Also, Megan wants to spend quality time with Carl before she leaves but a preoccupied Carl is distracted, while Jacob admits to David that it was him who scratched Priya's car.


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