Amy tells Val that she would like to see Kerry in hospital, as she has things she wants to say to her. However, when Amy arrives, she is worried to hear that Kerry has discharged herself. At the same time, Kerry arrives back in the village looking unwell. Victoria persuades her to come back to the house and offers to help her pack, but secretly Victoria starts to form a plan. At the hospital, Eric tells Amy that it's up to her what she does over Kerry. Amy decides that she won't play games and no longer cares about her mum. Later, following a phone call from Victoria, Amy arrives with Val and Eric just as Kerry is leaving. Amy is ashamed to learn that Kerry heard everything she said at her bedside in the hospital, so she is doing the decent thing and leaving. Despite being fearful of losing Amy, Val insists that Kerry should stay for now - knowing that it's what Amy wants deep down. Meanwhile, Ashley arrives for the family meeting, and Marlon is asked to leave by Rodney as it's for immediate family only. Laurel and Ashley are shame-faced about their troubled daughter. Soon afterwards, Diane is furious at Ashley and Laurel for snapping at one another during the meeting, especially when Gabby hears the row. Gabby is adamant that she doesn't want to go back home with Laurel. At the same time, over at Home Farm, Nicola panics when Declan wants the lettings files - as she has kept Laurel's arrears secret. Laurel worries about her future in the house when Nicola tells her the news. Elsewhere, Nikhil throws fake baby 'Henry' in the bin after Gennie's accident while looking after him, Declan is stunned by Megan's bombshell about Robbie being a new member of the team, while Paddy is angry when Marlon questions him about Rhona and Leo's return.


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