Laurel receives a call from Gabby's teacher to explain that the youngster is sick. To ease relations at home, Marlon has bought Sandy a surprise mobility scooter, but Sandy is unimpressed. Home from school, Gabby causes problems for Laurel and Marlon and is then upset to see the couple kissing. Gabby shouts at Laurel, telling her how much she hates her and how she is not her real mum. Marlon tries to get through to Gabby, but she lashes out and runs upstairs. Not long afterwards, Laurel is taken aback as a tearful Gabby claims that Marlon has hit her, just like Ashley hit Sandy. Marlon protests, but Laurel wants some space and heads out. Later, Marlon is alarmed to learn that Laurel wants to tell Ashley what has happened with Gabby. She is determined to sort things out, blaming Ashley for Gabby's actions. Meanwhile, Cameron warns Carl to back off now he has got him the money. However, Carl ups the pressure by demanding that he gets Chas to return, or he will tell Debbie about their affair. A desperate Cameron asks Ruby for Dan's number, explaining that he needs to get in touch with Chas. Cameron leaves her a message, and then finds himself under more even pressure, as he has to cover to Zak and Charity when the customer of the 'stolen' car drives off from the garage. Elsewhere, a frustrated Jai books Rachel in for her scan when he realises she has not booked it herself, Priya admits to David that she has been trying to make him jealous and they kiss, while Gennie dresses up to seduce Nikhil into wanting some special time together - but he's worried about hurting the baby.


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