Laurel keeps Gabby off school, afraid that she will tell the teacher Marlon hit her. Laurel is determined to sort things out with Ashley and explains what has happened, telling him they need to put a stop to it quickly. A guilty Ashley goes to see Gabby and asks her if she lied about Marlon hitting her so she could live with him instead. Diane reluctantly agrees when Ashley then asks if Gabby can move into the pub, but insists he squares it with Laurel first. Later, Ashley braces himself as he informs Laurel that Gabby is moving into the pub with him. Laurel is angry, but shows a brave face as Ashley leaves with Gabby. Meanwhile, Jai is at the hospital for Rachel's baby scan, but he is caught out when he sees Gennie and Nikhil coming out of the lift, as Gennie has come to hospital after suffering pains. Jai quickly covers that Rishi called, so he has rushed to the hospital to be with them. Gennie and Nikhil are told that her pains can be attributed to Braxton Hicks, so Nikhil insists that Gennie must go on maternity leave as soon as possible. At the same time, Rachel is left alone, wondering where Jai suddenly went - and is ultimately forced to go ahead with the scan without him. Jai is gutted to have missed the scan, but when he spots Rachel in the village later, he is unable to talk to her as he is still with Nikhil and Gennie. Elsewhere, Debbie is not happy about looking after Jacob as Sarah has only just come out of hospital, Cain arrives home to find out about the 'stolen' car, while Cameron discovers that Chas is on her way back but is angry she has not been in touch.


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