Rishi is puzzled to hear that he had apparently called Jai about Nikhil and Gennie going to hospital. Soon afterwards, Jai visits Rachel to apologise and explain what happened. She allows him to keep the scan picture. Later, Rishi is holding the fort at the factory when he finds the scan photo - with the name 'Breckle' typed on it - stuffed in Jai's desk drawer. When Jai returns, Rishi confronts him and he is forced to tell his father the truth. Rishi is furious, telling his son how stupid he has been and how he needs to decide what to do next. Jai is determined to keep things as they are, but Rishi questions him over it. Rishi admits that he is fond of Charity, and Jai is horrified when his father suggests that he could be the one to tell her about Rachel. Meanwhile, Diane suggests that Ashley should look for his own place, as Chas and Dan will be moving in when they return. Later, Laurel takes Arthur to The Woolpack to visit Gabby, and feels uncomfortable when a tentative Ashley asks her to stay with them for tea. When she eventually agrees, Ashley is pleased that things are thawing between them. Gabby spontaneously hugs Laurel when she leaves, but Diane thinks Ashley is making more trouble for himself as Gabby now thinks the family will get back together. Elsewhere, Debbie is given her induction date but it clashes with Chas's wedding, while Chas returns and is exasperated when Carl tightens his grip by insisting she gets the money from the pub.


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