Chas tries to act normal when Diane asks if she thinks Cameron burgled The Woolpack. She denies it could have been him, but Diane is still not convinced. At the same time, Cain is on a mission to prove that Cameron is lying, as he is not satisfied with Debbie's answers over where Cameron was on the night of the burglary. Cameron insists to Debbie that he had nothing to do with the robbery, but it's clear her trust has been questioned. Later, Cain is determined to get the truth from Cameron, but is stopped in his tracks when Chas steps in - falsely claiming that she was the one who took the money from the pub, unaware she has been overheard by Diane. Cain is unconvinced as Chas lies to Diane that she took the money because she'd got into debt with the wedding. Chas is distraught as a furious Diane explains she will keep quiet for Dan and Debbie's sake, but once the wedding is over, Chas will be out. Meanwhile, Charity enjoys the rift between Carl and Jimmy as Jimmy discovers they're reducing Edna's working days. Edna is upset, while Jimmy is furious they have gone behind his back. Later, Charity is intrigued when she gets a text from Carl wanting to see her. She's stunned when he suggests that she has been asking the wrong brother to sell his share of the business. Charity begins to feel excited at her future when Carl offers her first refusal on his half of Emmerdale Haulage. Elsewhere, Val asks Kerry if she could do some chores. She later struggles to hold her frustration any longer and snaps at Kerry for being lazy.


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