Charity feigns reluctance when Jimmy comes to her wanting to sell his share of the business but shakes his hand, barely able to conceal her delight. At the same time, Chas is intrigued to discover that Carl has thrown Nicola and Jimmy out, wondering what he is going to do next. Soon afterwards, Chas is in turmoil when Carl wants to see her later. Dan watches as she finishes her make-up, thinking it's for her hen party - but she goes to visit Carl and is shocked to see that he has prepared a romantic candlelit meal for them both. Chas is stunned when he hands her back the cash, but is stopped in her tracks as he tells her there is one condition. Later, Chas finally makes it to her hen party at The Woolpack and covers that she was shopping for bridesmaids' presents. Meanwhile, Robbie is irked by Megan's attitude as she dismisses his suspicions that Declan is up to something. Later, Robbie is on the phone when he finds a letter and is unable to believe what he's reading. He goes to look for Megan, but he can't talk to her in front of Declan. In the festival beer tent, Declan is caught when Robbie shows him the solicitors letter about Katie suing him, and Robbie is unsure where his loyalties lie as Declan offers him £10,000 to keep the matter quiet from his mum, saying she'll only let him down again. Elsewhere, Diane tells Moira about Chas stealing the money, and says how hard it is being let down by someone you've treated as a daughter.


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