At Tug Ghyll, Debbie starts experiencing contractions and tries to get hold of Cameron, who is about to confront Carl. Unable to reach Cameron, Debbie tells Cain and Zak that they need to get her to the hospital ASAP. On the way to the hospital, Cain's car breaks down and Debbie is struggling to cope with her pain and fear. Meanwhile, Jimmy is boiling with fury and confronts Carl about selling his share of the business to Charity behind his back. A massive row begins, and Carl makes it clear to Jimmy that he means nothing to him anymore. Jimmy retorts that Carl has no-one left in the world, reminding him that the woman he loves is currently in church marrying someone else. Carl then punches Jimmy and a full-on fight ensues. Elsewhere, Cameron is furious about Carl, and is determined he's not having everything on his terms. Ignoring Debbie's calls, he hangs around outside Mill Cottage. However, Jimmy arrives and scuppers his opportunity to have it out with Carl. Cameron watches unseen as the King brothers tear each other apart. Also, Chas's nerves are in tatters as her wedding ceremony begins. Finally, during her second of the day's bridesmaid duties, Gennie lets out a gasp of pain...


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