A livid Debbie shows Cameron the texts she's received. As Jimmy is escorted into a police car, Nicola tells him to not say anything until his solicitor is there. Andy interrupts Cameron and Debbie mid-row, she asks him to take the kids. Jimmy sits in a police cell, struggling to come to terms with what he thinks he's done. Diane gives Chas the news that Jimmy has been arrested. Jimmy struggles to corroborate his alibi and wants to know how Carl died but the police won't tell him. Cameron and Debbie continue to row, Debbie wanting to know when the affair began. Cameron tries to appeal to her but Debbie hits him and pushes him away. DI Drake plants a motive on Jimmy and Jimmy discovers that Carl had his head caved in with an object, Jimmy is relieved to find he is not responsible. Victoria visits Andy and meets Jack. Cameron pleads with Debbie for one more chance but she yells at him to get out. As Cameron leaves with his things, Zak, Cain and Charity arrive at Tug Ghyll questioning what has happened. Jimmy struggles to convince the police that he is not responsible. Cameron tells Chas that Debbie knows. Jimmy returns to Connelton View where he tells Nicola and Rodney how he is not responsible for Carl's death. Chas is bemused that Cameron is using this situation as a way of them being together, while she thinks they need to stay away from each other. He tells her they need to leave, but she tells him she can't. Debbie tells her family that Cameron has been having an affair with Chas. Chas tearfully confesses to Cameron about what happened with Carl and how she killed him. Cameron is stunned and wonders whether to admit his own culpability or let her carry on believing she is to blame. Cain and Charity struggle to come to terms with Debbie's evidence, Cain is furious and storms off to confront Chas.


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