Clare can't find what's wrong with Liz, while Matt informs the family that Peggy doesn't want the twins christened. Nicholas offers Penny a job as a receptionist at his hotel.


Penny rings Dr. Scott for Liz. It's Matt's first Saturday night out since the twins were born. Joe tries to persuade him to go to the cinema with him and Penny, but Joe receives a phone call saying she won't be meeting him as she's looking after Liz. Penny offers to cook for Reverend Ruskin. Dr. Scott isn't sure what's wrong with Liz until they carry out x-rays but tells Ruskin she needs plenty of rest and perhaps a holiday. The following morning, Sam persuades Joe to go to church by mentioning that Penny will be there. Dr. Scott is surprised when her father, Sir Gerald Scott, arrives in Beckindale. Sir Gerald is annoyed that she is working as a general practitioner. He blames her ex-boyfriend, Simon. But he's placated to hear that she has bought her practice from Maurice Grant, one of his lecturers at University. Joe's disappointed when Penny is not in church. Annie's concerned about Liz. Matt brings Sam and Sally around; he's amused when Sam gets them mixed up. Matt shares the news that Peggy doesn't want the twins christened. Joe visits Penny at the Vicarage, he asks her to go out for the day but she is helping Reverend Ruskin. He's annoyed until she agrees to go to Leeds with him tomorrow to look at motorbikes. Phelps wants to speak to Penny about the Receptionist job and she meets him later for a drink in The Woolpack and plans to take her to The Feathers for a meal. Joe storms out of The Woolpack when he sees her with Phelps.


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