Declan is shocked when Megan tells him that she is moving back to London. He begs her to stay permanently and is thrown when she refuses his offer. Declan then asks Megan to carry out the meeting with the sponsors, but she refuses and Nicola is delighted to be given the opportunity. Later, Megan visits Katie and hands her a phone to listen to the voicemails from Declan. She knows her plan is working when Katie starts to cry, realising how much he loves her. Soon afterwards, Declan visits Katie and he is relieved when she holds out her hand to him, but she still has doubts. Back home, Declan suggests to Megan that Robbie can come back if it means she'll stay. Megan goes to call him with a triumphant look on her face. Meanwhile, Cameron is fearful after receiving a call from the prison saying that Chas wants to see him. He is relieved as Chas explains that she is changing her plea and she wants a new solicitor, promising they'll sort things. Back in the village, Gennie lets Cameron and the solicitor discuss things at Victoria Cottage. The solicitor says they need more than Jimmy's word and warns Cameron that the prosecution will be all over him. Cameron suggests that Debbie is the only other person who can be a witness because of Carl threatening her, and Gennie is determined to speak to Debbie. Later, Gennie is relieved when Debbie doesn't reject the idea. However, when Cameron goes to see Debbie, he is floored when she angrily tells him that she wants to see Chas get what she deserves. Elsewhere, Bernice is gutted as Steve says that he is leaving as his wife deserves an explanation, while Edna cancels her charity payments as she continues to worry about her debt.


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