Jai explains to Rishi that he is terrified Archie could die without him ever having seen him. At the same time, Rachel struggles to keep strong as Archie is still in the incubator and she is restricted to limited contact. Ruby suggests that Rachel could take a break for a few hours, but Rachel doesn't want to leave him. She tells them that she needs some time alone with Archie to clear the way for Jai's secret visit. Later, Sam suggests that he and Rachel could go for a drink in the canteen, but she spots Jai arriving and snaps at Sam. Rachel feels wretched as Sam walks off. Jai meets Archie for the first time and is blown away by how perfect he looks. However, Jai's reverie is shattered when Rachel declares that this visit is his 'hello' and his 'goodbye' - after this he is to have nothing more to do with Archie. Jai pleads, but Rachel holds firm. Jai leaves, fighting back the tears. Meanwhile, David feels guilty when Jacob is excited about Alicia coming home in time for Christmas. Pollard thinks David should face up and tell Alicia about Priya, but David wants to wait until after Christmas so he doesn't rock the boat. At the same time, Priya is upset about Alicia's upcoming return and Rishi advises her to be honest with David. Later, Priya attempts to speak to David and he tries to reassure her about how he feels, but Jacob interrupts and the moment passes. Elsewhere, it's the day before Chas's trial. In prison, Chas asks Cameron to plead with Debbie not to go through with her vengeful plan. However, Cameron doesn't think it will help saying anything now, as Debbie is hell bent on giving her piece. Later, Gennie makes it clear that she is going to the trial to support Chas. Debbie doesn't care, though, as she just can't wait for the moment when Chas gets sent down. Also, Moira is surprised when Cain admits his feelings, but they need to get the trial out of the way first.


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