A paranoid Cameron lurks in the village, regretting his confession. He grabs his confidant as they leave their house, panicked they will go to the police. Cameron says that he'll confess to the authorities himself, but knowing his secret is not safe, he decides to take action. Cameron hits his confidant with a fence post and watches as they slump to the ground unconscious. Cameron is parked up in the woods, agonising over what to do next when he gets a text from Jimmy about Chas's verdict. Later, the villager is tied up in Cameron's van struggling to break free, but it is hopeless. Meanwhile, Debbie is lost in thought as she prepares for Chas's judgement day. In the court, Chas is led to take her place in the dock and frantically looks for Cameron, but there is no sign. She is stunned as the jury delivers their verdict and Cameron is nowhere to be seen. Elsewhere, Amy and Robbie decide to get their own back when they realise that Adam and Victoria are trying to set them up, Kerry refuses to go to Val and Eric's for Christmas dinner and they're left feeling frustrated, Megan gets the champagne out as Declan brings Katie home but Katie is not so optimistic about the future, while Alicia is oblivious to Priya's anguish as she tells Bernice how much she is looking forward to Christmas with Jacob and David.


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