It's early morning, and Debbie pockets Dom's keys before he comes downstairs. Cain is not impressed that Dom has stayed, and Debbie feels disgusted at what she's done. She confides in Charity about her plan to get into Dom's office and take the client list. Charity thinks it's too risky as the police will be sniffing around, but volunteers to go herself. Later, Charity is in town and discreetly lets herself into the courier's office and begins searching for files. However, she panics when she sees the police pull up outside. Charity leaves the building hiding the memory stick and files, hoping she will get away with it. At the same time, Dom is baffled to be dumped by Debbie, who doesn't want to see him again. Charity then makes a clumsy return home and drops them both in it by shouting out that she has the client list, unaware Dom is there. Dom is furious, adamant that he won't let them get away with it. Cain heads out after Dom to make sure that he doesn't try to get revenge. However, Dom tells Cain that he is being interviewed by the police tomorrow, and he'll drop Debbie in it if it means it will keep him out of it. Meanwhile, Moira contemplates Vanessa's words when she suggests she should have fun with Cain regardless of his bad bits, or she could spend the rest of her life wondering. In the pub, Moira is angry with Cain when he accuses her of being a snob, thinking that's why she didn't want to take him to the farmer's ball. She tells Vanessa that she doesn't think it could ever work between her and Cain. Later, Cain visits Moira at the farm and is thrown by her attitude when she takes control. She slowly begins to undress him and leads him to her room. Later, Moira thinks he might be starting to make some progress with Cain when he opens up to her slightly about his worries for Debbie. Elsewhere, Vanessa encourages Alicia to go for the new events job being advertised at Home Farm, Jai goes back to work and Rishi warns him to go easy on Nikhil, while Rachel is nervous as she tells Ruby that she could be bringing Archie home soon.


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