Megan is concerned about Declan after seeing that Katie is staying with Gennie. However, she is exasperated as Declan refuses to talk about it. Charity starts to feel a hint of regret as Declan tells her that Katie has left, and she warns him not to tell Jai about their night together. Later, Andy is concerned when Katie tells him that she wants to give Declan another chance, but over at Home Farm, Declan is determined that they are over. Katie arrives to try to put things right, but Declan is not interested as she continues to plead with him. Meanwhile, Edna needs work done on her house as there is severe damp. Cain warns the workmen Paul and Kev not to rip Edna off, but she's still left reeling when they tell her that it'll cost £4,000 if she pays upfront. Edna snaps at Vanessa as she shouts across that Tootsie's prescription is ready. Her card later gets declined in the vets and Vanessa suspects something is amiss, suggesting that she should take Tootsie's drugs on the house. Edna is stung but grateful. That evening, exhausted and alone, Edna breaks down as it's all too much. Elsewhere, a guilty Charity debates contacting Jai, Lisa stirs things between Sam and Rachel, while Bob masks his feelings as Brian from last night's Bronte event wants to take Brenda out.


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