Edna is torn as she gets her father's medals out of the drawer, knowing she has little choice but to sell them. Edna goes to seek out Rodney over the sale, but Jimmy explains that he's away on a job. Desperate, Edna tries Pollard and he knows he has her over a barrel, so he offers just £150. Edna later proves they are worth more when she shows Pollard a computer print-out, so he offers her £400. Defeated by it all, Edna seems to have no choice. Taking the cash, Edna goes to pay the vet's fee and collect Tootsie, but Paddy sees that Edna doesn't look well. Edna insists that she's fine, but Paddy and Vanessa are convinced there's something wrong. Outside Woodbine, Jimmy tells Edna that he's worried about her and invites her for tea one night, but Edna refuses and hurries inside. Alone again, Edna is weak and dizzy. She suddenly falls after feeding Tootsie and lies unconscious. Meanwhile, Charity is interested to hear that Katie and Declan have made up. Andy goes to Katie to tell her that she is making a mistake, as all Declan wants to do is control her. In way of explanation for Andy being up at the house, Katie tells Declan that she and Andy are just friends. She explains that she could never be with Andy, especially as he cheated on her. This makes Declan feel even guiltier for his night with Charity. Later, just as Declan pours champagne for them both, Charity interrupts to get the contract signed and Declan takes it into the office. Charity tells Katie that she's happy for them, while Declan signs the contract, anxious to get rid of Charity. Megan sees her brother has something to hide and later questions him about how Charity got him to sign the contract. Declan is relieved when Katie suddenly interrupts. Elsewhere, Rachel tries to talk to Sam but it's awkward, while Brenda kisses Bob when he declares his love for her.


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